Remember to adapt your philosophy to meet the needs of the players you have .... Maximise the development of your players throughout the development phases through wanting to dominate possession, attack effectively with precision but also recognising times to be patient, control the tempo of games and be measured in your decision making. When your teams do not have the ball, aim to regain possession at the earliest possible opportunity through a high intensity press, reforming to a compact and connected shape where this is not possible. In transitional phases attempt to counter attack quickly and efficiently when regaining the ball and the opposition are out of balance and win the ball back immediately after turning it over through a collective, intelligent counter press."

Judan demonstrates the simplicity of delivering a team talk before a top flight Womens Football Match in the English Womens League

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What is teamwork?

Unselfishness, the development of team spirit, developing a pride of being a part of the team and accepting the need for stability within the team.


How do you develop team spirit?

- Create a comfortable atmosphere by positive "brainwashing", eliminating negative influences and use praise rather than a ticking-off - Show respect to people and players and build their confidence - Pay attention to details - The coach has to make her or his players understand and to have patience and respect for each others' skills.

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Key elements for coaches:

Be humane - You can be a perfectionist without being perfect - Show respect - Stick to your principles - Be honest - Be loyal - Be well prepared - Develop a sense for your ambitions - Communicate with people and enlighten them - Be humble - A bad coach thinks she or he knows everything, a good coach realises she or he doesn't know everything.

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Ali with colleagues Ricardo Carvahlo and Taigo Mendez
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Relationship building is essential in football, what may appear to be on the surface, is not always what it seems, as in most footballing teams a lot of hard work goes on behind the scenes to produce desired results.

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Judan Ali has been a part of professional football with over 2 decades of experience in the arena of both commercial and non – profit.  His roles have ranged from Technical Director of a FIFA member Association to a professional Football Manager at club level, providing strategic direction at Elite Footballing establishments covering all levels within profit and not-for-profit establishments, optimising organisational and human resources to exceed visionary goals. 

A Creative and highly energised professional football specialist with outstanding communication skills and a solid experience across varied international platforms, maintaining quality output and corporate direction.


A conscientious leader with strong interpersonal skills utilised to inspire, lead, coach and motivate all involved within football including volunteers from diverse cultures to all walks of life.

"A football club is not      just about the first  team. 

 It is about the    infrastructure, the youth  team, the reserve team.

Its about the schools that the kids come through from and the staff that can cope with that... 

...and crucially, good coaches"        


Technical & Strategic LTPD ( Long-Term Player Development Specialist )


  • EPPP ( Elite Player Performance Plan )
  • Established Talent Identification Specialist 
  • High End Motivator of Professional Sports Personnel 
  • Sports Science, Diet & Nutritionist
  • Medical Department Procurement
  • Physical & Strenght-Conditioning programmer
  • Public Relations, Affairs and Media Trainer 
  • Coach Educator 
  • Qualitative Game Analysis Specialist
  • Player Performance Analysis
  • Providing detailed team and opposition analysis 
  • Vision and leadership 
  • Manage, Coach & Develop a successful team of football Coaches, Players and Technical Staff. 

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